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AKA INVESTIGATIONS, INC. Private Investigations Offices in NJ & PA
AKA INVESTIGATIONS, INC.Private InvestigationsOffices in NJ & PA


It is the responsibility of the purchaser and not aKa Investigations Inc. to ascertain and obey all applicable laws with regard to the purchase, possession and use of our services. By placing an order, the buyer represents that all services purchased will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age. aKa Investigations, Inc. retains the right to investigate and/or refuse any orders placed. We do so to maintain our reputation of  high moral standards and to protect you, your family (especially your children), and your home. aKa Investigations Inc. hopes you understand our strict policies and appreciate that our company puts safety before profit.

The intelligence provided in this report is for the exclusive use of the requester and intended for investigative purposes only. The information provided is time sensitive and thus the provider cannot guarantee the information after the date of the report as accounts are not frozen assets and are subject to daily changes.

Reservation of Responsibility as to Accuracy  of certain Data

In the process of Investigation, it is the accepted standard to make inquiry with various sources such as public records stored and disseminated by governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, commercial databanks and others for a fee.

When aKa Investigations Inc. makes a data inquiry on behalf of a client, it accepts, at face value, the accuracy of the data acquired which is passed on to the client, for investigative purposes. No certification is expressed or intended by aKa Investigations Inc. its employees, agents or affiliates to the client or anyone else with regard to the accuracy of the information provided when obtained from such sources, which operate on a volume basis.

Any liability resulting from reliance upon faulty, inaccurate or incomplete information provided to the client or others via aKa Investigations Inc. is limited to damages only in the amount charged to the client for the specified data. aKa Investigations Inc. assumes no further liability for less than perfectly complete data.

Clients should first obtain certification and/or confirmed documentation of the data from the specific source before taking any type of action based solely on the data obtained and provided by aKa Investigations Inc. Failure to adequately certify or confirm data by the client does not constitute liability on the part of aKa Investigations Inc., its employees, agents or affiliates.

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